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I prefer traditional pieces over anything else, tangible work is becoming rare and I miss it. For my career, I wanted to do something I'd be good at and animation seemed like the right path. So I went and graduated from Academy of Art University with a major in Animation & VFX. Searching for work led me to a career in video games, mainly as a texture artist for 3D environments.

Currently I'm getting my MBA at Rady UCSD, expecting to finish in 2019. I want the skills to finance a sustainable business that can employ artists of all types. I’m thinking we can apply visual arts in education since that’s where it lacks entertainment.

Every art has its time. Our work is the bi-product of our lives and they reflect the state of the world we're in. As we are with our past, the future will know what drove us to do what we did. This site is the archive of my work, welcome to HalleckArts.

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